Acrylic Pills


Crafted from solid acrylic in a range of poppy colors with laser-etched dosage in three dosages (small: 150 mg, medium: 300 mg, large: 500 mg), these fab pharmaceuticals can act as a single paperweight or combine as an art installation.

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small:  6.5″ W, 2.5″ H (yellow or red) 150mg

medium: 9.25″w X 4.75″h  (orange or teal) 300mg

large:  11.5″ W x 5″ H (green or lavender) 500mg

extra large: 13.75″ W, 5.5″ D, 5.5″ H (teal) 750mg


Colored and matte white acrylic

To best preserve its clarity, keep out of direct sunlight

Dust with a microfiber cloth and avoid chemical cleaners