Water: Lifestyle and Inspiration


Paddleboarding through Shem Creek?

photo credit: coastalexpeditions.com


Surfing out on Folly’s washout?

photo credit: follywahine.org


Splashing in the fountain at Waterfront Park?

photo credit: mollyonthemove.com

Three of Mitchell Hill’s artists, Hirona Matsuda, Lisa Shimko, and Trever Webster, are #drawntowater and will be displaying their fascination with the aquatic in their exhibit opening Friday, August 28 from 6-9PM. “Drawn to Water” will be exhibiting through September 13.

Matsuda finds delight in using objects that others have deemed useless. She repurposes them in a way that directs the viewers attention to their aesthetic value, rather than their initial meaning.

Matsuda will introduce new aquascape assemblages during “Drawn to Water” and will include live plants, found trinkets, and movement.

Click image below (photo credit: charlestonsupportedart.com) to learn more about Hirona and her assemblages.


Lisa Shimko releases the need for a cognitive/coherent harnessing of an idea and lets the irrational nature of daydreaming be her creative guide.

She invites us to dive into her whimsical sealife and water inspired paintings during the exhibit.

Click image below (photo credit: charlestonsupportedart.com) to learn more about Lisa. 


Trever Webster’s mixed media work challenges viewers to decode his seemingly-random, numerical explosions and intricate compositions.

Trever will continue the illustrious story he began prior to 2013 with seascapes, pirate escapades during the exhibit.

Click image below (photo credit: Instagram @webslice) to learn more about Trever. 

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 4.12.53 PM

To view these artists’ other works available at Mitchell Hill and to read their complete bios , visit us at:  mitchellhillinc.com/artists/

We hope to see you at the “Drawn to Water” opening reception on Friday, August 28, 2015 from 6-9PM!

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