The Land Down Under is Reaching New Heights

A slice of the future can be seen in an architecture feat in Sydney, Australia.

One Central Park is a high-rise novelty that was recently named “Best Tall Building Worldwide” for 2014 by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. This masterpiece by architect designer Ateliers Jean Nouvel shows that sustainable technology, beauty and sky-scraper buildings can go hand-in-hand. What makes OCP unique from other attempts of its kind is how the “green” architecture techniques used are immediately visible and identifiable. Vertical gardens are implemented on each floor. Greenery creates shade, thereby cutting cooling energy. A heliostat cantilever generates the hot Sydney sun into heating when needed, or away from the building when it is warm enough. We are left in awe, and dying to plan a trip to see for ourselves.

“One Central Park strongly points the way forward, not only for an essential naturalization of our built environment, but for a new aesthetic for our cities – an aesthetic entirely appropriate to the environmental challenges of our age.”




 If you are still not amused, the LED art installation by light artist Yann Kersalé will be sure to capture your attention.


c s lewis