Interview with Jamie Price

Meet our very own Jamie Price, the Business Manger here at Michael Mitchell/Mitchell-Hill!


What is your background story?

I graduated from Young Harris College in 2002 with a Theater major. I then got into Real Estate development and the construction of commercial and residential properties. I managed a design/build, general contracting firm for 7 years. I quickly become involved with construction design and finish selections. The road that led me to Michael Mitchell was very organic; I already had the management background and a love for design!

What does your job entail here?

I am the Business Manager… I handle whatever the business may be! I put out a lot of fires and clean up a lot of messes. I had to send an apology letter to my math professor because I told him I “was a theare major, I’ll never need math!”… but now all I do is math. I also have a hand in all interior design projects at Mitchell-Hill.

What is your favorite part about working in the environment at Mitchell-Hill/Michael Mitchell?

I like to call it the Michael Mitchell culture. I love the openness to new ideas and everyones willingness to trying new things. We’re all willing to take on any task, even if it is not in their job description. You never hit a wall here and you do not find that very often.

What do you do in your free time?

I hangout with my family and my dog. My huband owns a gym so fitness is a major part of our lives. Most people would be surprised to know that I can deadlift 135. My love for theater is fed by participating in community theater here in Charleston.

Can an you describe your personal design style?

I am a mid-century modern girl. I love clean lines and geometric shapes. I love mixing textures!