Behind the Scenes Look @ Baker Furniture

The Mitchell-Hill team is back in Charleston after an inspiring trip to High Point. We packed our bags full of knowledge and beautiful things to share with y’all.

Baker Furniture really put it on this year by showcasing the skilled masters that handcraft their fine furnishings. During the soiree guests were able to see how artisans work their magic with live workshops. From furniture making, painting, woodcarving and upholstering, it was a truly eye-opening and interactive event! It is clear that attention to detail is what sets the standard in great American-made art furniture. As an audience, we felt actively involved with the process, which only heightened our love for the craft and the beautiful end results.

photo 1

Baker Artist

Each piece is one-of-a-kind, hand painted motifs go on to become door fronts to chests.


A true work of art!

Baker Frame

To ensure the best sit for your tush, Baker upholstery comes standard with the worry-free 8-way hand tied springs.

photo 1

Tufting is an art – as you can see below. The deep, taut tufts are carefully sewn into this custom chair.


photo 2


Do you ever wonder who creates the finishes on stools, trays, and furniture? Skilled artisans are a necessary and  important part of the finishing process. The gold bauble stool is a beautiful example of how detailed finishes make a major statement. Each gold wave is perfectly painted by a Baker artisan.

photo 3

photo 5

bauble stool