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On Friday, September 18, 2015 we will be celebrating the opening of ABSTRACTION/DIVERGENCE.  Join us from 6-8pm next Friday or throughout the month long exhibit to experience these two new series.

Leeke was awarded a grant by the Charleston Scientific and Cultural Education Fund to produce a traveling exhibition entitled: View from Under the Microscope: Scientific Learning Through Art. Abstraction showcases a portion of this series of digital paintings and Leeke hopes to educate viewers of the importance of Phytoplankton in our waterways. Phytoplankton is a vital element in our ecosystems. To learn more about its importance, check out the sites below:





“The works in Abstraction are digital mixed media created on the computer from images I photographed with a Nikon Camera.

I then transformed them into original works of art output on photographic paper. “ -Alicia Leeke

Oedogonium painting (1)


Lyngbya painting FINAL 72 (1)

Click on any of the images above to read Leeke’s bio and to view more of her work available at Mitchell Hill Gallery. 

Interested in learning more about Phytoplankton and its importance in our waterways?

Click the “grass of the sea” below to learn more from the United States Environmental Protection Agency.



While earning his BFA degree at Carnegie Mellon University, Potocki spent a summer studying in Rome, and also did design work for Westinghouse, Mellon Bank and US Steel. After graduating, Tom moved to New York City and was involved with the Pop Art movement, and produced the first “Happening” at Fire Island off Long Island. He then spent a year in Greece with a studio on the Island of Hydra. Upon returning to the US, Tom earned his MFA degree from  Edinboro University and began a college teaching career, and was a founding member of the Northwestern PA Artists’ Association. During this time he continued to explore and develop his own vision through drawing, painting, sculpture and photography. His eclectic style has been described as having the look of refined graffiti – a style that grew out of a combination of his neoclassical training and involvement with the Abstract and Pop Art movements of his time.

 “In the Divergence series, each painting is a step along the way 

in my journey to discover how far I can push the creative process.”   -Tom Potocki

Magenta Burst

Painting for ad-2

Floral Brust 32x40

 Click on any of the images above to read Potocki’s bio and to view more of his work available at Mitchell Hill Gallery. 

We hope to see you at Abstraction / Divergence Opening Reception on September 18 from 6-8PM !


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