“A house tells you so much about a person.”

“A house tells you so much about a person.” – Nancy Meyers

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Nancy Meyers, American film director, producer, and screenwriter, is at it again in her next film, The Intern, opening in theaters September 2015. On each of her movie sets, including the inviting kitchen in Something’s Gotta Give and the charming Cotswold style bedroom in The Holiday, Nancy works very closely with set directors and interior designers. The sets in her upcoming film are sure to inspire interior designers and spectators alike.

Here’s a sneak peek at Jules’ (Anne Hathaway, The Intern) creative spaces:

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A peek inside Jules’ brownstone.

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Jules’ desk at her New York-based startup.

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The juice bar at Jules’ startup.


Tony Duquette, the late American design icon, is also known for creating spaces that people dream about. Baker Furniture, a line proudly offered here at Mitchell Hill, reinforces Duquette’s artistic legacy by impeccably recreating sixteen of his most iconic pieces. Below are three of his most beloved creations and their original design spaces.

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Paris Snowflake Screens

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 Duquette designed the interiors of this house in the early 1950’s for his friend and client, Cobina Wright. Duquette created his signature modern snowflake screens, figural lamps, side tables, cocktail table, and trophe of musical instruments as a candelabara over the fireplace for Ms. Wright’s interiors. 

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Biomorphic Console 

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Sunburst Torchere

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 Duquette originally designed his now famous Biomorphic Console and mirror in the mid 1960’s for a Bel Air residence. It is shown here holding a collection of sunburst votive holders and many other bronze and gilt metal figurines. 


Be sure to check out Nancy Meyers upcoming film, The Intern, as well as some of Baker’s finest pieces created by the beloved Tony Duquette for inspiration for your next creative space. Click Here



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