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    Spacey Wall Clock

    Loosely inspired by cool late 1950s “space-age” automobile dashboard instruments, our version allows the time to be viewed with an extra sense of drama due to the distortion created by the thick, heavy lens. Vintage 1950s clock dial and period hands compli ...
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    Spinner Table Clock

    An homage to Alberto Santos-Dumont, aviation pioneer and designer of the first aluminum propeller in 1906, the eccentric Spinner Table Clock features a vintage dial housed in the center hub section of a 1930’s airscrew. The clock is complete with a working ...
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    TV clock

    Straight from the living rooms of 1950s America, tune in with the TV Clock. The polished cast aluminum body, inspired by the classic television sets, is outfitted with solid brass antenna, feet, and bevel, while the two-tine dial harkens back to the days o ...