70’s Revival- Sorry We’re Not Sorry.

 From egg chairs to waterbeds, ’70s design has long been derided as tacky. Those who lived through hoped and prayed that they could leave those recollections of bellbottoms and feathered hair in the past.  But as always, trends come full circle, and the 70’s are now a source of great inspiration, in fashion and design. At Read More

A Balanced Life: Interview with Susan Colwell

Bursting with verdant plants, with neutral landscape paintings hung throughout, and the meditative sound of a trickling waterfall in the background, Susan Colwell’s home exudes feelings of natural stillness and quietude- like her paintings. Upon greeting me at her door, I was not received by the pensive person I thought I was about to meet. Susan is energetic and full Read More

Lost and Now Found

From modern to traditional, contemporary to Arts and Crafts, we appreciate all eras and design aesthetics here at Mitchell Hill. Constantly on the hunt for the beautiful and exciting, we are thrilled when we come across craftsmen (and craftswomen) who have a talent for finding the old and creating new, refined pieces of art. Not only is Read More

Pastel Play

Its officially Spring and now is the time to embrace color! After an especially long and dreary winter, we at Mitchell Hill think this season is a perfect time to consider livening up your living space. Weather its a new painting or home accessory, pastels are a perfect way to freshen up your home and create a calm, yet inspiring Read More

A Walk in the Woods

The name of the town where artist Tom Potocki lives, “Hollywood,” isn’t indicative of his life or style. Tom is someone who has lived a successful, stimulating life as an artist and has traveled extensively- although you wouldn’t know any of this unless you asked him. Quiet, grounded and contemplative, Tom has found tranquility and comfort in a woodsy, serene Read More

Architectural Digest Show Weekend Highlights!

This past weekend, Tyler Hill from Mitchell Hill attended the Architectural Digest Home Design Show at Pier 92 in New York City. This annual event sets the tone for trends and inspiration in furniture, appliances, accessories and art.  Representing the brand, Tyler saw a diverse assortment of presentations by talented designers, many of whose designs are Read More

“You Better Belize it”

On a recent trip to Belize, Gallery Director Sarah Miller had the chance to see Mayan ruins- still standing strong despite 3,000 years of wear and tear. The architectural feat alone is something to write home about- but the preserved art and inscriptions are equally as interesting. These angular, geometric shapes with ancient roots have become Read More

Snake Charmers

Snakes are symbols of creative life force. Appropriately, the skin of these animals is a material that represents luxury across worlds of fashion and design. From python to sea snake, we love how these skins often act as neutrals, and add subtle style to any room. In both large and small doses, here are some ways to revive your reptilian decor Read More

First Impressions

Entryways are the golden ticket to making a flawless first impression for any house, apartment or studio. A beautifully decorated entryway is like having someone warmly welcome you into your own home. Not only do they set the tone for the rest of the space, but entryway consoles are opportunities to use a statement mirror, painting and Read More

Asian Fusion: Madera Home and Cherry Blossoms

Here is a little snapshot of Monday morning’s mental process… Madera Home makes us think of craftsmanship and China, China makes us think of Asia, Asia makes us think of Japan, Japan makes us think of cherry blossoms and cherry blossoms make us think of Spring. The idea of spring nearing is making this rainy Read More