Providing High-End Home Décor to Charleston

If finding distinct home décor is your passion, then Mitchell Hill, a home décor store in Charleston, is at your fingertips. Our local décor shop on King Street has expanded its online presence with a new website dedicated to shopping the one-of-a-kind home décor within their store. On Shop Mitchell Hill, you will find original art and furniture pieces that Michael Mitchell and Tyler Hill found on trips to design centers in New York and Atlanta. Always au courant, this site allows visitors to benefit from the eye of an interior designer without the consultation fees. What began as a labor of love for the city of Charleston has turned into a space that encourages local artists to create, share and experience the joy of giving back. 

The History Behind Mitchell Hill

The store concept for Mitchell Hill came to life when Michael Mitchell returned to Charleston after several years in the Big Apple. After opening his gallery on Upper King Street, Michael Mitchell held a month-long benefit to support nonprofits, a move that helped local organizations and put his name out there. Following the benefit, he was so enamored with the local art scene that he decided to merge his Big Apple business with the southern charm of Charleston. When Michael Mitchell met Tyler Hill, a graphic artist with years of experience in bespoke lighting and an eye for shape, color, and design, the two immediately developed a collaboration that would become the Mitchell Hill retail store, gallery, and design space.